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Three looks: $600 +2 retouched images.

Each additional look: $100.00


Women: $250.00 for up to Three looks ($25.00 for each additional look).

Men: $100.00 for up to Three looks ($25.00 for each additional look).

A $250 non-refundable venmo or PayPal deposit is required to secure all bookings. Please DO NOT pay a deposit unless you have an appointment. 


Payment of outstanding balance due on the day of your appointment:

Heather accepts:  Cash or Check

Hair and Makeup accepts: Venmo, Cash or Check

All fees for work are non-refundable 



By giving a  5 day notice prior to your original shoot date, you may transfer your deposit one time. If you must cancel a 2nd time, your deposit will be forfeited.

Please note that if a cancellation happens outside of the 72 hour window, you will forfeit your deposit and you must pay the hair and makeup artist their fee for the shoot.

Please consider your appointment as a booked job and take the necessary precautions that will enable you to follow through. Heather and her team appreciate your consideration! 


We do not offer reshoots, revisions or refunds other than for technical failures or malfunctions.

It is your responsibility to clearly communicate what your goals and wishes are to our studio team, in advance of and during your photoshoot.

If you have any concerns during the session or you don't like the way your makeup and hair are being styled, please speak up so that the studio team can accommodate your needs.

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