Where will we be shooting?
Our professional photography and production space, Linse Studios, is located centrally in the heart of Silverlake at 2520 West Sunset Boulevard. 

Why the heck are you called WeHo Headshots if you’re in Silverlake?!

How long does a shoot take?
Generally a headshot or portrait session will take up to 3.5 hours, including makeup, and up to 2 hours without makeup.


How do I pay?
We accept cash, credit cards, Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and Venmo. Upon booking your appointment through our website, you will be automatically directed to payment options for your deposit.


How many final, retouched images do I get?
Depending on your choice of package, anywhere from 1 to 3+ final, retouched images will be sent to you via WeTransfer. 


How long until I get my images? 
Proofs will be sent within 3-5 business days via Pixieset. Final, retouched images will be sent within 5-7 business days from the time you make your selections through Pixieset via the provided link. Rush delivery is available for an added cost if you are on a deadline - please email us and let us know your specific needs and we will absolutely do our best to accommodate your situation.


How do I get my files?
Proofs will be sent digitally via a link emailed to you from Pixieset. Final images will be sent to you digitally via a WeTransfer download link or as an email attachment.


Do I get all of the images or raw files?
We do not distribute raw files nor do we hand out “all the files” in order to maintain quality control of our images. 


Do I have to pay the full amount up front?
Due to our competitive pricing, we do require a $175 deposit up front. Please see below for policies regarding cancellations and changes. 


What is your cancellation/refund policy?
Up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled shoot you may reschedule within 30 days once without penalty. No refund of the deposit will be offered for cancellations or changes within 72 hours of your shoot. 


How soon can I book my appointment?
With our online booking system, you can view our calendar and book your session at your convenience - however, we do ask you book at least 48hrs in advance. We cannot guarantee availability of a session within 48hrs. Furthermore, should you wish to book an appointment with one of our incredible Makeup & Grooming artists, we ask you give us at least 72hrs notice. If you are working on a short deadline, please email us to see if special arrangements can be made - we will always, always do our best to accommodate your needs whenever possible!


What if I’m not able to book a session that works with my schedule?
If you’re having trouble finding an available appointment that works for your schedule, please send us an email and tell us a little bit more about your situation. While we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to fix the issue, we will certainly do our best to help you out if we can!


Can we talk before the shoot?
Most questions can be answered here on the website, but should you have further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via email. If you’d like to schedule a 30 minute FaceTime appointment prior to your session in order to go over your “looks” and clothing for your shoot, that can absolutely be arranged. More information can be found below under “rates.”


Can I have more than 3 final images?
Of course! Additional edited images can be purchased at $30 per image. The price goes down to $25  per image for 2-3 images, $20 per image  per 5 +more


Can we shoot more than 3 looks?
Absolutely. Please email or call to discuss rates for extended studio and editing time. 


What if I’m not happy with my images? 
You will see your images during your shoot so that you are able to confirm the shoot has been to your full satisfaction before leaving the studio. However, the studio/photographer has no control over how others (agents, managers, publicists, friends, family, etc.) will react to your final images. If for any reason something causes you to doubt the marketability of any part of your session and you would like to add another “look or two,” the studio charges $100/hr of shooting and this includes 1 fully edited image. This offer is available for 30 days from the date of your original session. 


f I lose my downloaded pictures, how can I get them back?
We store your images for 1 year from the date of your shoot, but due to the high volume of shoots and our triple redundancy storage system, it is not feasible to store files longer than 1 year. After final delivery, a $35 data recovery fee will be applied should you misplace your files and need us to send them again.



While not required, we highly recommend working with one of our amazing makeup artists for the best results. Our artists know exactly what products work best with the studio's lights & strobes and working with a professional leaves less room for error. Should you wish to use your own MUA, please be aware they will not be able to join you at the studio - studio time is reserved for our own MUAs only, but they are more than welcome to get you camera ready before you arrive.
We begin sessions with the most natural/clean look and add as we go along. Subtle changes in makeup and hair will make sure we stay true to YOU and your natural best.

When working with our artists for headshot sessions, please come in with a clean face or minimal makeup and your hair ready. The Makeup artist will help you fine-tune your hair, watch for fly-a-ways etc but they do not do hair for headshot sessions!!

Should you choose to handle your own makeup, please come to the shoot ready to go. To start the session with the cleanest look, we suggest coming in with your 'daily look' as that's typically the most natural. Feel free to bring any styling products you might need to change up your hair in between looks - no products will be provided. 


Grooming is of course also available for men!
Although not required, a groomer can help you look your best for your session. Professional groomers make sure your skin is not going to be too shiny in the studio lights, they assist with the styling of your hair, etc.
However, if you have great skin and know exactly how you like your beard, scruff and hair to sit, etc. and you choose to handle your own grooming, please make sure to bring all the styling products and tools you need to get the job done - especially for the skin.
In general, to get the most out of your session, we recommend coming in with beard or scruff and then trim and shave as we go along.


We work hard to secure you the most reasonable prices for makeup and grooming. Should you choose to work with one of our incredible team members, they can be booked at the following rates (please note these rates are for headshots only - creative portrait & press kit rates will be higher):

1 Look: Men/$125 Women/$150

2-3 Looks: Men/$150 Women/$175

4-5 Looks: Men/$150 Women/$200

5+ Looks: Men/$175 Women/$225