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My photography approach is based solely in the understanding that each actor’s journey is unique, and therefore, each actor’s headshot should reflect their own authenticity and individuality. 


When I began photographing actors my intention was to always remain true to the overriding theme that who you are as an actor is rare and as a result my studio is an open and welcome space in which you are free to be your complete self. My goal is that our collaboration allows you to feel comfortable and unguarded and totally at ease. I want each image to conjure up the vitality and vulnerability of your character and to express an extension of your range as an actor. I understand the value of spontaneity and respect the space an actor needs to breathe.


Our ultimate goal in a session is to capture the authentic you.  And  the result will  make you stand out in a sea of thumbnails. I look forward to collaborating with you. Please feel free to contact me about pricing or anything else you might want to know. 


Thank you, 



photo by Hunter Armistead 

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